It used to be that if two women showed up to any event wearing the same item, especially if it was a base outfit item like a top or dress, it was considered tacky. Even if the two women didn’t know each other, it was still considered tacky and it often left both women feeling self-conscious. The movie My Fair Lady dealt with this in a scene of the “Ascot Gavotte” in which we see all the ladies and gentlemen at the horse races. At one point, two women see each other wearing the same hat and immediately turn away in horror. Regarding this “rule,” if the two women did know each other, it was considered a real faux pas. One of my all-time favorite TV shows, I Love Lucy, dealt with this when Lucy and Ethel were doing a show together and they accidentally bought the same gown for it. The two women wound up in a huge but very funny fight over it. 

It’s even easier to laugh both at the Ascot Gavotte scene and at Lucy and Ethel’s fight today because that old rule is long dead. Two women wearing the same item is NOT a fashion faux pas anymore. In fact, it often makes for a good conversation starter. 

This past Thursday, I was wearing this headwrap consisting of a solid lilac rectangular scarf as a base plus a textured oblong in maroon, both from my favorite scarf vendor. I posted this photo of it on the headwrapping groups on Facebook and it turned out that my friend was wearing that same textured oblong in a different wrap style. We agreed- “Twinsies!”

Then, this past Shabbat, I was wearing the same scarves but with the textured oblong in a slightly different wrap style. I had to go out on an errand after Shabbat and I ran into a different friend who was wearing the same oblong, again in a different wrap style. She called out “twinsies!” Then she asked me how I wrapped the oblong and I demonstrated it for her right then and there. 

Dear readers, if you ever see someone wearing the same thing as you are, just smile and be grateful that it’s just good fun and not a faux pas.

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