Color Your Mood

I’ve learned a lot of terrific things from fashion gurus. One of those was that different colors can have different effects on different people. It’s not just about flattery but about mood. Different colors, even as they flatter the wearer, can make her look authoritative and perfect for a job interview or relaxed and perfect for a casual gathering or festive and perfect for a formal event. 

Here are a couple of examples.

This scarf has a lot of red and purple and the print is very colorful and high-contrast. On me, it has a festive feel. Plus, the wrap style of “turban wrap with tail” is great for weekdays when I just want to feel a little more dressed-up while the wrap style of “marrakesh turban” is dressy and formal and great for Shabbat, holidays, and special events. 

This scarf has the same print but it has a lot of browns and softer blues and the print has a lower contrast level. On me, it has a more rustic and more casual feel. I can dress it up in a “marrakesh turban” and make it look right for a more casual event or dress it down in a “turban wrap with tail” and wear it for work and regular days to feel relaxed. 

Here’s another example.

I wore this look a few years ago when I had a “day into evening” situation. I used a black shell and black skirt as the base. For the morning event which was more dressy-casual, I wore an olive green cardigan and olive mitpachat. Olive green is my best green and it makes me look relaxed while still having a presence. For the afternoon and evening events which were more dressy, I changed into a teal cardigan and teal mitpachat. Teal is my best blue and it makes me look dramatic and dressy so it works for more formal events. 

Dear readers, what effects do your colors have on you?

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